Gender: Gelding

Year of Birth: 2010

Height: 15.1h

Colour and Markings: Leopard appaloosa

Breed: Appaloosa-ish?

Discipline: Showjumping

Jamaica belongs to one of the yard kids. He arrived in January 2016, one of our very first official liveries, and promptly broke his scapula trying to leap out of his new digs. After a long rehab, he made a miraculous recovery and is now as sound as a brass bell.

Unfortunately, he ruined this victory by misbehaving with his child, finishing by bucking her off onto her arm, breaking it in the process. The child’s recovery was far quicker and also miraculous, but I’d had enough. Jamaica was grounded from being ridden by his child and put into boot camp with mean Auntie Firn.

After getting over his delinquency, Jamaica proved to be a thoroughly nice chap, a real honest point-and-shoot kind of jumper. I was in search of something to develop my confidence and eventually jump Module 5 (1.00m) on, and he fit the bill, so his owner and I came to the agreement that I would lease him to jump on and eventually pass him back to her once she was going juniors and strong enough to handle him.

Jamaica is an attractive, loveable idiot who loves all people and all forms of food. He doesn’t hold weight, doesn’t have a pedigree, and doesn’t stop, and God knows exactly what He’s doing with His rollercoaster plan for this horse.

2017 Goals:

  • Hack reliably in company. 
  • School Novice dressage. 
  • Jump 90cm graded.