In Training


(Alpha Eagle’s Blizzard)


Gender: Gelding

Year of Birth: 2011

Height: About 15hh

Colour and Markings: Blanket Appaloosa that greyed out, so now white with bum spots

Breed: Appaloosa

Discipline: Hack

Blizzard is a short-term project that came into training in June, with the end goal of being a hack on his owners’ farm. He is something of a stubborn guy, but unflappable and sensible, and should suit his future role really well. I just started sitting on him in July.


(Lipizza Bannut French Champagne)


Gender: Mare

Year of Birth: 2012

Height: 14.2hh

Colour and Markings: Palomino with socks and a blaze

Breed: Welshie x Warmblood

Discipline: SANESA pony

Exquisitely bred and conformed, Champagne came to us for further schooling and remedial fixing of her general anxiety and spookiness. As intelligent as she is opinionated and fiery as she is beautiful, she can be quite the handful, but has plenty of heart and try. She has the basics installed and we’re slowly working on getting her emotional state as wonderful as her physical beauty.


Gender: Gelding

Year of Birth: 2012

Height: 14.1h

Colour and Markings: Flaxen chestnut with a star and stripe and socks

Breed: I think there must be Boerperd. Also Arab.

Discipline: All-rounder

Destiny was one of my more dramatic delinquents when he arrived, causing many a clash of wills when his stubbornness met mine, but he turned over a new leaf and has now become a reliable (if quirky and opinionated) ride for his adult ammy mom.

An intelligent but strong-willed pony, D has plenty of try and fire, and is always looking for trouble. He doesn’t let anybody walk over him but is very gentle with his mom. He’s just starting to pop around the tiny classes at dressage and jumping training shows, and will be passed on to his mom and out of my training quite soon.


(Alpha Eagle)


Gender: Gelding

Year of Birth: 2012

Height: about 15hh

Colour and Markings: Black with a star

Breed: Partbred Appaloosa (half Arab)

Discipline: Hack

Eagle is a short-term resident who came to me for backing in the beginning of March. A sweet and sensitive soul, he has suffered more than any horse should, let alone one so goldenhearted. Now with his doting new mom he has landed with his bum in the butter and I’m looking forward to his happy ending.

(ii Sir Lancelot)

Gender: Gelding

Year of Birth: 2012

Height: 15.0hh

Colour and Markings: Dapple grey with a really sunburned pink nose

Breed: Arabian

Discipline: Showjumping and dressage

Lancey belongs to a kid at the yard, who got him for her birthday in 2015. I started him a few months later and he’s been popping around 70cm and Prelim at SANESA shows, about to make his graded jumping debut.

He was hand raised and acts like it – just the cutest puppy dog you ever saw, and a firm favourite with everyone. He also has awesome gaits and even his bad habits can be adorable.

2017 goals:


  • Reliably do long hacks alone, in company, and wherever without any drama his kid won’t laugh off.
  • Do a training show or two at Prelim dressage.
  • Consistently jump graded at 70cm, preferably clear.



(Morning Star Touch of Gold)

Gender: Gelding

Year of Birth: 2013

Height: 13.1h

Colour and Markings: Palomino with a blaze

Breed: Nooitgedachter x Welsh

Discipline: Showjumping (and all-rounder)

Midas is the second resale pony we’ve owned ourselves and so far is a resounding success. The little chap is beautifully bred and made his competitive debut in the end of January.

He has loads of attitude, intelligence, and try, jumps like a warmblood and behaves exactly like a bratty little Welsh pony. This is a truly top-class pony and I’m very excited about his future.

2017 goals:

  • Hack alone and in company.
  • Be quiet at shows. 
  • Compete up to 70cm showjumping at training shows.
  • Compete up to Prelim at training shows.
  • Compete at the Nooitie shows. 
  • Go cross-country schooling.




(Morning Star Trooper)


Gender: Gelding

Year of Birth: 2013

Height: 14.0 1/2hh (144cm)

Colour and Markings: Bay with a star, stripe and snip

Breed: Crossbred

Discipline: SANESA first pony

Troopy was purchased in February and is recently in training. Nothing ever bothers this little chap, ever. He has all the makings of a totally safe first pony, partially because he can hardly ever be persuaded to wake up from his perpetual nap.

This very attractive chap is surprisingly forward-going to ride for his temperament, but still rather a ploddy type and a huge hit with the kids. He will start training shows in the spring.

2017 goals:


  • Do training showjumping shows, up to about 60cm.
  • Do training dressage shows, up to Prelim.
  • Be as safe as a house on hacks, mostly in company.
  • Be as safe as a house on the ground.
  • Be fully quiet at shows.