In Training

(Lipizza Bannut French Champagne)

Gender: Mare
Year of Birth: 2012

Height: 14.2hh

Colour and Markings: Palomino with socks and a blaze

Breed: Welshie x Warmblood

Discipline: SANESA pony, mainly dressage

Exquisitely bred, Champagne came to us for further schooling and remedial fixing of her general anxiety and spookiness. As intelligent as she is opinionated and fiery as she is beautiful, she can be quite the handful, but has plenty of heart and try. She has the basics installed and we’re slowly working on getting her emotional state as wonderful as her physical looks.


(Once Upon a Time)

Gender: Mare

Year of Birth: 2004

Height: about 15.3hh

Colour and Markings: Dark bay with four socks and a star and trickle (awwww)

Breed: OTTB

Discipline: SANESA horse

    Emmy came to us practically skeletal, but blossomed to shiny fatness in a matter of weeks. She had been at the yard for a while but only recently booked into training. Having had practically nothing done since her career at the track ended years ago, she’s being restarted from scratch.

    Emmy is a hard-trying, genuine mare who is usually sensible but can – like almost all OTTBs – overthink things and get upset if she thinks she’s messing up. All ingredients that will serve to make her a trustworthy horse as she goes through her schooling.


    Gender: Mare

    Year of Birth: 2011

    Height: 16.0hh

    Colour and Markings: Bright bay with a star and trickle

    Breed: Thoroughbred

    Discipline: SANESA horse

    Savanna’s short but sketchy past may or may not include racing, but does include a close brush with the abbatoir and a violent boxing accident. Three years ago she ended up with her current owner, a teenager in my riding school. They both moved here in mid 2017. After seeing the horse run-out multiple times at every single fence in our first few lessons, not to mention dumping the poor teenager twice, the owners didn’t need much convincing to book her into training.

    Far from the delinquent I was expecting, I found Savanna to be a sensible and intelligent mare with a knack for learning and no clue whatsoever about what exactly she was supposed to do about jumping over things. She has a definite opinion and can be loud and stubborn about it, but once she has been persuaded otherwise, tries hard and enjoys work. She will make a great partner for her teen in a few months.


    Gender: Gelding

    Year of Birth: 2014

    Height: 14.0 1/2hh

    Colour and Markings: Grey with a star and trickle and two stockings

    Breed: Arabian

    Discipline: SANESA pony

    Teddy arrived at our yard as a yearling (an overweight one). He was skittish, scared and had obviously been hurt in the past, but now has the priviledge of having a doting 10-year-old owner and his equally doting mom. After some initial shenanigans, Titan began to enjoy human contact and now trusts us. Just not fly spray – at all, ever.

    A fairly hot little guy with balanced gaits, intelligence and not a lazy hair on his head, he is fairly anxious and easily triggered to run backwards. There is no malice in him, but he will have to be treated with great care through the backing process.