Gender: Gelding

Year of Birth: 2013

Height: 16.0h

Colour and Markings: Chestnut sabino (four white stockings extending to the belly, blaze extending over the chin, white markings on the chest floor) with rabicano

Breed: South African Warmblood (Esaro W KWPN x Rivale d’Or BWP x Military Song xx)

Discipline: Growing up

Exavior was born in the spring of last year out of a mare that had competed at over 1.00m, by a stallion currently in training with, and co-owned by, my showjumping hero Barry Taylor. He was one of the nicest foals I’d ever seen and so far out of my price range I couldn’t have touched it with a long pole.

Unfortunately, as a weanling the little guy cut his left hindleg. The resultant scar and possible doubts over his future soundness meant that nobody really wanted to buy him and he was running out of options when he put his nose over the paddock fence and broke my heart. It was as if God had sent him to do exactly what he had to do to yank my little heartstrings off, so one week later we brought him home.

Exavior has turned into a drop-dead-gorgeous three-year-old gelding who is as sound as a brass bell because God has the most amazing plan for him. The horse that nobody wanted has become the heartthrob of all the yard visitors and sticks out like a sore thumb among all our tubby grey ponies. He shouldn’t be sound, but he is not just sound, he moves like music.


He is majestic to look at but kind of a huge daft goofball who loves to snuggle and drool on people. When he can be motivated to actually work (he’s the stereotypical teenage boy) he is intelligent, willing and deeply nonviolent. I started him in the end of 2016 and now we’re aiming for the 2018 young dressage horse series.

Sabino, see?

Sabino, see?







2015 goals:

  • Complete advanced halter training
  • Leading over, through and under scary things
  • Leading away from his group
  • Bathing
  • Desensitisation to noise and sight
  • Loading preparation
  • Loading
  • Injections
  • Be gelded
  • Lowering of the head when requested by pressure on the halter
  • Basic lunging with a halter and long line only
  • Wearing a roller
  • Lunging over poles
  • Wearing boots
  • Preparation for clipping

2016 Goals:

  • Bathing.
  • Loading.
  • Continued improvement on injections.
  • Lunging over poles.
  • Introduction to small free jumps.
  • Backing.
  • Basic aids in walk.

2017 Goals:

  • Continued improvement on injections. 
  • Show in-hand without rearing. 
  • Hack. Even if it’s just to the big gate and back. 
  • By June, have 3 gaits. 
  • Around his fourth birthday, attend a few training shows at walk/trot and Prelim.
  • Ultimate goal: be solid at Prelim by the end of the year.

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