Arop Arwen Evenstar


Gender: Mare

Year of Birth: 2006

Height: 14.3 1/2 hh

Colour and Markings: Dark grey with a star

Breed: Nooitgedachter sport horse (more on Nooities here)

Discipline: Eventing, dressage, showjumping and showing

Arwen is an infinitely trainable mare I’ve been riding since she was about three. Athletic, trim, and exquisite, she’s an eye-catching, reliable horse with the kind of mind that could do anything. She takes no nonsense from anything you dare to throw at her and is the very definition of an all-rounder.

Arwie was originally a gift to my little sister, whose older horse had just been put down. She was a skittish two-year-old with a six-week-old foal at foot when we got her, and the Mutterer had her accepting saddle, bridle and rider in about fifteen minutes flat. (Move over, Monty Roberts). Unfortunately, she and my li’l sis just weren’t a good match. Arwen was two, my sister was nine and they were both green. She got thrown a few times too many and Arwen ended up as mine.


Arwie was my first real training project. I started working with her when I was about twelve, and we both have come a long way. We made our competitive debut in 2014 and haven’t looked back, riding in the lower levels of graded dressage, jumpng and eventing, and kicking some butt at Nooitgedachter showing on the sideline. While we have our arguments sometimes, mostly because everything she learns I’m learning along with her, we’re a good, consistent team who look out for each other and build our relationship on mutual trust and respect.


Apart from being a brisk, businesslike horse who loves her work, Arwen is a hardy mare who embodies everything I love about the Nooitgedachter breed: character, willingness, intelligence, toughness, good looks and the ability to stay fat on air. Apparently judges think so too, considering she is undefeated in hand including National Champion Sport Horse for 2016.

Arwen loves jumping, lateral work, galloping, grooming and anything that makes her think. She is secretly a dragon and unleashes her dragoning powers across country. She hates having her ears cleaned, travelling and all horses who are bigger than her. She’s my go-anywhere, do-anything horse, and an insane amount of fun.









2017 Goals:

  • Get points for Elementary Medium. 
  • Don’t mess up a show riding/show hack class. 
  • Jump a graded 80cm round.
  • Do some cross-country lessons and/or go drag hunting. 

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