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ROW joins Bloglovin’

Follow my blog with Bloglovin – my favourite place to accumulate all the (MANY) blogs I like to read into one tidy little news feed. I’ll see y’all there. Glory to the King. Advertisements

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HOY Day 5 and Supremes

Nooitie day was, as usual, complete and utter chaos. This was no fault of the organisers – they had done a fantastic job of keeping things doable for all the riders. We had a class every 20-35 minutes like clockwork, … Continue reading

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Upping Our Game

Be prepared: This post is rated PG13 for boring dressage content. It will contain a vast amount of dressage-related drivel. Showjumpers and anyone who doesn’t want to hear about the ridiculous minituae of the most nitpicky sport of them all, … Continue reading

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2016 Goals: Q1 Review

Nell Qualify for the Provincials at the Young Horse Performance Series. – On our way! We need to complete two qualifiers to get this. One down, two to go. I have no illusions that we might actually finish in the … Continue reading

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And Not By Sight

We called her Stardust, because she is something of light and hope that not everyone believes in. It was two days after I had made the impossible decision. The riding school is growing, and the two schoolies aren’t coping. First … Continue reading

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Le Godimo’s Last Bash Event

When we heard that the beloved Le Godimo Horse Trials was making its November 2015 event its last, we just had to go. This beautiful venue with its inviting courses and holiday feel, where everybody camps out beside the stables … Continue reading

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I hope you’ll all forgive my absence from the blogosphere over the past couple of months. Updates on the individual horses all to follow, but suffice it to say that they are all very very well. Magic’s stomach hasn’t been … Continue reading

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