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“He’s Going to be Big”

This is the first thing that jumps out of people’s mouths when they are introduced to Exavior, usually shortly before, “What possessed you to buy him?” And yes, people, he is going to be big. By my standards, the dude … Continue reading

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Riding on Water Blog Hop: Everyday Win

I may or may not actually be nervous about hosting a blog hop (seriously?), but either way, I thought we’d give it a try. So without further ado, I present the first ever Nicole recently hosted a fun (and hilarious) … Continue reading

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ZBHBH: Everyday Fail

For me, this title can probably be changed to “Fail Every Day”, but I digress… I love this blog hop! This must be hands down the funniest one hosted… and it’s given me an idea that may just have to … Continue reading

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The Promise

Dear Horse Here we stand, you and me; you, half a ton of muscle, nerves, spirit, instincts, past experiences, and emotions; me, about fifty kilos of intelligent, emotional, spiritual human being. You probably don’t believe me, but we need each … Continue reading

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SFTSBH: Heart Horse

Jen from Stories From The Saddle asks: Do you currently have your “heart horse”? What makes a “heart horse” to you? If you don’t own a horse, have you ever leased a “heart horse”?  I encounter so many horses, with … Continue reading

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Unofficial Blog Hop: Instructors

Emma first brought my attention to the discussion of the various trainers – instructors, in the more British dialect we use in South Africa – we’ve chosen, and why we picked them and stick with them. If you’ve been around … Continue reading

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Halfway There: Goal Review

So according to the logbook I keep of all my rides/sessions, I finished 616 sessions so far in 2015. The majority of this will be riding, but there’s also a lot of lunging and long-lining and free jumping in there, … Continue reading

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